Stop Leak Pouch

Stop Leak Pouch
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Prevent leaks from happening! Stop them if they do! Dyno-tab® Radiator Stop Leak is a proprietary formulation that is added to the cooling system of every car that rolls off the production line by major vehicle manufacturers. Tested in compliance with ASTM D2570, Dyno-tab® Radiator Stop Leak has been proven to stop radiator leaks fast. It is:

  • Permanent
  • Free flowing
  • Non-toxic
  • Metal free
  • Fast acting
  • OEM formula
  • Safe for all systems

Don’t wait for leaks to happen! Protect your cooling system by adding Dyno-tab® Radiator Stop Leak today. Fast dissolving tablets are compatible with all types of coolant including conventional green and extended life red/orange or yellow. Dyno-tab® Radiator Stop Leak can be used in water-only systems too. Be sure to use Dyno-tab® Cooler Coolant® when topping up coolant lost due to leaks or seepage. Our same innovative product now available in a convenient pouch!

1 tablet pouch
One pouch treats up to 12 liters

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