Pure Concentrates

At Dyno-tab® we have often pointed out the advantages of removing the fluid carrier from our products, leaving just the active ingredients in tablet form, but sometimes a liquid is the ideal medium to unleash the power and effectiveness of our additives. Although some of our Pure Concentrate products have been around for years, we are very excited to introduce our completely rebranded line of concentrate products. We are pleased to offer six new products, each of which come in two sizes: one size that is ideal for automobile and one sized for motorbike applications. They include:

  • Decarbonizer
  • Supertech Diesel Plus
  • Quill Fuel System Concentrate
  • 25-Pt. Octane Concentrate
  • Engine Wear Shield Oil Booster
  • Engine Flush Pre-Oil Change Treatment

Whether you drive a car or a bike, we urge you to give our new Pure Concentrates a try and see if you don’t agree with us that sometimes, the bottle is the way to go!

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