Overall Rating: 98.75%
Average Rating: 9.88/10
I live in the North East and use Dyno-tab fuel stabilizer in my boat during the winter. It makes it so much easier to get things up and running come spring. Thanks!
Jeff T.
I have been using fuel treatment in my F-150 for over 150,000 and it runs like the day it was new. I purchased a boat with low hrs. and it had a lot of fuel issues, after using fuel treatment and about 20 hrs use, It runs perfect now
Al T.
My car would flutter at idle. I added a bottle of Chemplex Fuel System Cleaner and now it is very smooth at idle. This is a liquid, not a tablet but made by Chemplex, the Dyno-tab parent company. I'm impressed.
Darryl Taylor
I am very happy because dyno tab is a product which can solve the problems of the engines.
I am very happy with the windshield washer tablets. It's much better than buying the bottles and works great too.
David G., Tulsa OK

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