Radiator Flush Pouch

Radiator Flush Pouch
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Cleans your cooling system while you drive! Our same innovative product in a convenient pouch. The metal and plastic surfaces of your cooling system tend to accumulate mineral deposits over time which can form a barrier that traps heat and interferes with the ability of your cooling system to transfer heat to the coolant. Using Dyno-tab® Radiator Flush is a great proactive measure to prevent this buildup from happening in the first place, but also works to dissolve deposits once they have accumulated. The proprietary pH balanced formula removes dirt and scale and restores your cooling system to peak efficiency. Dyno-tab® Radiator Flush tablets are simple to use: just drop them in your cooling system and they go to work as you drive. Safe for all systems, including water-only. No need to drain the system prior to use!

10 gram pouch
One pouch treats up to 12 liters

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