Cooler Coolant® Coolant Booster aka The Rejuvenator

Cooler Coolant® Coolant Booster aka The Rejuvenator
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This exciting new product was selected for the Green Directory at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt in 2010! Dyno-tab® Cooler Coolant® extends coolant life in several ways:  first, it restores rust and corrosion protection, anti-foam properties and water pump lubricant to extend the useful life of existing coolant in your system now. Second,  Dyno-tab® Cooler Coolant® revitalizes coolant by replenishing important coolant components. Third,  Dyno-tab® Cooler Coolant® adds special wetting agents to both new and old engine coolants that result in better heat transfer from hot engine parts as the coolant circulates. To summarize,  Dyno-tab® Cooler Coolant®:

  • Replenishes critical cooling system additives
  • Keeps engines running cooler, up to 20 degrees F
  • Protects water-only systems too

3 tablet card
One card treats up to 12 liters